Pakistan Hunting And Sporting Arms Development Company

1. Reverse Engineering of TT 7.62x25mm Pistol

While embarking upon Reverse Engineering of the most favorite pistol TT-7.62mm a detailed market survey was conducted throughout the country. TT-7.62 Pistol went through disastrous breaking, hammering, chemical treatments, and different lab analysis in minute detail. This challenging task by PHSADC completed in record time of two months.

2. Reverse Engineering of 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun

In order to improve the quality and bringing standardization in the manufacturing of pump action shotguns PHSADC has initiated the task of reverse engineering of the same. The reverse engineering was completed in two phases. During the first phase detailed manufacturing drawings of each part and component were prepared. During the second phase each part goes under destructive analysis to identify surface engineering, hardness level, metallographic and chemical analysis. In light of the results achieved during the reverse engineering exercise a comprehensive document was prepared for the cluster.

3. SKS Magazine Enhancement

One of the mandates of PHSADC is import substitution. SKS rifle has procured widely by different law enforcement agencies of Pakistan. SKS can replace AK 47 rifle in specific circumstances and purpose. To save the outgoing country capital PHSADC undertook the project of capacity enhance of SKS rifle magazine. SKS rifles come with preinstalled 10 bullets magazine while the AK 47 magazine has the capacity of 30 rounds. With some organized effort this 10 bullet magazine could be replaced with enhanced 30 bullet magazine of AK 47. PHSADC propose that law enforcement agencies of Pakistan should be encouraged to adopt the locally produced weapons on the authenticity of PHSADC. This will not only minimize the importation of foreign made weapons but save the capital of Pakistan.

4. Cluster Linkages for Technology Up gradation

PHSADC after comprehensive survey identified that absence of modern manufacturing facilities and technical expertise is the major impediment for the production of quality products. On the other hand installation of modern machines demands heavy investments. PHSADC has linked manufacturer with number of institution but a few significant to mention are explained below:

4.1. Peoples Steel Mills is well known for the supply of quality alloy steel. PHSADC has linked manufacturers with Peoples Steel Mills that has addressed the issue of provision of weapon grade alloy steel.

4.2. Pakistan Spring Engineering Co. is state of the art CNC spring manufacturing unit. Through PHSADC facilitation all leading manufacturers of sporting firearms are now receiving their spring supplies from Pakistan Spring Engineering Co. that has enable manufacturer to extend requisite spring warranties.

4.3. Gujranwala Tools Moulds and Dies Centre (GTDMC) equipped with most modern CNC machines and is state of the art common facility centre. PHSADC arranged a cluster visit to GTDMC that has facilitated the problem of the manufacturing of critical parts.

4.4. Precision Investment Casting Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is well known for the supply of investment castings. Through PHSADC facilitation local manufacturers are now developing various critical parts through investment casting.

4.5. Metallurgy was one of the key reasons for the inappropriate quality of the products produced in the industry. PHSADC in coordination with Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) initiated this project and the requisite material was identified.

4.6. JOTUN Pakistan was contacted for the proper powder coating. Along with bluing another option to color the weapon was powder coating. The team from Jotun Pakistan was invited to train the technical staff of our Sporting arms manufacturing SME’s involved in powder coating process.

4.7. PHSADC in coordination with University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar arranged a seminar on “Product Quality Improvement for Export Markets”. Rapid prototyping technique was explained in detail by the experts of UET Peshawar. The presentation was aided with audio visuals explaining how to use prototyping technology to develop 3D modeling.

4.8. PCSIR, Lahore: PCSIR was provided 02 disassembled pistols parts for titanium nitride (PVD) coatings. The PVD coating on pistol parts was carried out successfully and a remarkable surface finish was achieved. The titanium nitrate (PVD) coated pistols were displayed at different venues and were highly appreciated by the buyers.

4.9. PHSADC Official Website (, Corporate & Product Brochure Website presents viewer with PHSADC main objectives and activities, other sections of general interest include Photo Gallery and feedback. Product Brochure covers the main highlighted products of the sector for international promotion.

5. Capacity Building, (Trainings, Workshop, Seminars)

PHSADC has arranged several Trainings, Workshops and Seminars for the sector up gradation. Few of them are as follows:

• Seminar of Technical Experts for the Firearm Cluster
• Export Procedures
• Industry Academia Linkages
• International Marketing Research
• Future Challenges & Opportunities for Improvements
• Technical Training on Powder Coating
• Banking Interface
• Duty and Tax Remission for Export (DTRE)
• Technical Training on Bluing
• Product Quality Improvement for Export Market
• Good Workshop Practices 1 & 2
• Website Development
• Social Media Marketing
• Exhibition participation

6. Social Media

PHSADC You Tube.

PHSADC Linked In

PHSADC Twitter

TOSS Show Website

TOSS Show Twitter

7. Exhibition of Pakistani Products in Leading International Trade Fairs

i.e. Shot Show, USA & IWA, Germany In order to promote Pakistani products in global markets PHSADC has indentified leading trade exhibition of hunting and sporting arms, accessories and allied products. Initially PHSADC is targeting following two exhibitions

• SHOT Show, world’s largest exhibition being held at USA
• IWA & Outdoor Classics world’s second largest exhibition being held at Germany

PHSADC has exhibited at IWA & Outdoor Classics, Germany and SHOT Show, USA.

PHSADC exhibition at international exhibition has fruit inquiries where the quantifiable results are mentioned below

8. International Collaboration

Another ongoing and worth mentioning activity of PHSADC is to export about 2500 Hand guns per month to one of the leading importing company of USA. PHSADC is in phase of signing MoU for the said business with the importer. The business worth goes to 4.26 Million $ over the year.

8.1. International Accreditation:

PHSADC after exhibiting at SHOT Show-USA and IWA-Germany forwarded samples to different buyers of USA and European country. For exporting the products to the US and the European market the following certification requires:

8.2. C.I.P Approval for 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotguns:

CIP is an international organization whose members are 14 sates mainly from Europe. The C.I.P. assures that every civil firearm and all ammunition sold in C.I.P. member states are safe for the users. Realizing the fact, PHSADC decided to develop a shotgun according to the CIP standards. A 12 gauge shotgun was locally prepared; the shotgun was inspected at each and every step and sent to CIP authorities in Birmingham, UK. In the history of Pakistan a shotgun has successfully passed the C.I.P test and a certificate is issued to manufacturer by C.I.P authorities.

8.3. BATF (USA) Certification:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) is a federal law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Justice. It is an accreditation agency which has been authorized by US Government to inspect, check, accept or reject weapons to be imported. To get the approval for export of pistols in USA market, two pistols of 9mm and 7.62 x 25mmpistol were developed under the instructions of PHSADC and sent to BATF USA for carrying out test analysis. Both pistols successfully passed the BATF factoring criteria and bulk export orders are achieved from 2 leading arms selling companies of USA.

8.4. Export Orders:

As the nature of the product is totally different from other products exporting to different countries, there is lot of documentation and legal formalities involve in exporting of Firearms, PHSADC has developed and exhibit products at international exhibitions and has achieved export orders from different countries.


PKR. 23.32 million


PKR. 21.40 million


Since incorporation PHSADC as per the given mandate of developing and uplifting the hunting, sporting arms and allied products industry, the team has worked on a multipronged strategy to address the gaps identified by the stakeholders.

Beside other issues, international marketing remained one of the toughest challenges for PHSADC team. To create a cost effective and yet efficient solution for the image building of the industry in international market as well to develop such a plat form where industry could effectively present the product to the international buyer, PHSADC team organized an exhibition on the national level in which international buyers as well as the diplomatic community was invited. This exhibition acted as a platform for the local exhibitors where they got hands on experience of product display and customer handling in an environment which replicated the ambience of an international exhibition at a negligible cost.

Target & Outdoor Shooting Sports (TOSS) Show was the first event of its kind in sporting arms and allied products sector ever organized in Asia. TOSS Show espousing the hunting and sporting arms trade was developed to provide an optimized platform to manufactures and buyers for their product display focusing B2B and B2C linkages.

This exhibition was called the Target & Outdoor Sport (TOSS) Show, which in years to come will attract many international visitors and shall add international brands to its floor.

TOSS Show was organized and managed by PHSADC in Islamabad, Pakistan with over 70 stands of Firearms, Knives and Daggers, Leather Accessories and different service providing companies to the sector exhibited at TOSS Show. A huge number of dignitaries, diplomats and buyers across Pakistan visited TOSS Show.